Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Survive in Manuel Antonio Park

Peace Corps has its perks--last weekend I camped on the beach and spent a day in Manuel Antonio park, the most visited in Costa Rica.

After setting up the tent I went swimming. Lots of fun! Next time I'll remember to take off my glasses first, although being blind for a day and a half wasn't as bad as I feared.

Can you spot the sloth near my tent? Hint: it's a grey blob. Looks about the same with and without glasses.

The beach cleaned up well. Here's 5:30 in the morning, after 10 hours of rain (somehow we still managed to cook on a campfire):

Then, the park! More beaches:

Crafty little forest crabs:

And endless monkey business. Did you know monkeys eat doritos?

I took a quick nap before getting on the bus. 10 hilly miles carrying everything on my back, chafed feet from my sandals, soaked in sweat, sore from sleepin on packed sand, borrowing a friend's glasses... what an adventure!


  1. Alex,

    I imagine even without your glasses, you still saw more than most would.

    Glad you are working in some fun and exploration with all the work.

    Manuel Antonio looks as beautiful as it has been described. We'll have to fit it in next January.

    And let's hear it for monkey business! The more, the merrier!!

  2. You bastard, that's some beautiful country you got there! I'm coming down, with full intent of replacing you and basking in the tropical glory myself. Hmmm...maybe visiting is in order...see what happens post-graduation next spring.