Thursday, October 28, 2010

Promoting Development

As I watch my English classes shrink, I wonder:

Did these students make a rational, informed decision that there time would be better spent elsewhere? Should I trust them and let them slip away into the night?

Or did I miss a page of my job description? One of my jobs is to help my community develop. As I discussed in my last post, development is increasing your abilities and opportunities (and sometimes, wealth). I've been teaching and organizing my neighbors. But maybe I'm supposed to be marketing to them as well.

If I can make my English classes more exciting--if I can make studying, investing, and contributing to the community more "sexy"--maybe our lives will improve faster. After all, my neighbors' decisions aren't entirely about business; they're also about their personal lives.

But there's a danger here, too. Is it really my job to get involved in these decisions?