Friday, April 30, 2010

Site Assignment Day

The magical day has come.

Climate: hot and wet
Geography: flat
Nearby cities: Boca Arenal
Tagline: This is where your pineapples come from

I´m in the north, in the middle of the country (in the void above Pital on this map), 5+ hours from the nearest beach, and not far from Nicaragua. It´s good for biking, though. I´ll be working with the local development association, a rural eco-tourism group (if you want to visit...), a dairy cooperative, English students, a women´s group, and more. I´m about five hours from San Jose.

I´m in a town of about 250 (not counting cows) and I have (satellite) internet access, but no supermarket, no clinic, no municipal water system (everyone has wells). Peace Corps doesn´t want me to tell you the name of the town, but you get the idea. If you want to see pictures, I´ve already got a few--this is the site I visited in March.

I´m excited. The other good news: there´s no bakery yet in my town, so maybe I can start one. And if I´m really lucky I can start a agouti ranch.


  1. Alex - Biking sounds nice, and for purely selfish reasons, I'm really happy about the Internet connection -- many more blog posts!

    You'll have to get an oven in your place! Make pineapple pancakes!

  2. Save me a pineapple, Alex!! Can't wait to visit you and your new home! Sounds like a great place for you to do your thing!

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