Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life in the Campo

"Campo" is Spanish for "countryside." So, what's it like to live in the campo?


We don't have a fruit bowl. Even if we did, I don't think these bananas would fit.

I went to learn how to milk cows... but turns out we've got a machine!
Dairy products here are fresh, but aren't pasteurized. If you don't drink milk the same day you have to freeze it.

Most people buy industrial bread--but some lades make bread at home in wood-fired ovens and sell it door-to-door.

The parrot approves of the homemade bread.


Don't worry, the scorpions here aren't that bad.

I'm more worried about whatever it was that stung my hand.


By foot, by bike, by horse, by bus...


  1. So your arm swelling up, when did that happen? Has it gotten better?

  2. Alex,

    OMG - that was some bite!! I used to get spider bites that left me looking similarly wounded. I hope you are feeling better!! And the scorpions... yikes. How about danger pay??!

    Always wonderful to read your posts, and I know Julia will approve of seeing you on a horse! Great posture, btw...